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 Association priorities guided by member resolutions

 The 2019 AGM saw members driving the Association forward with guidance on priorities through three resolutions, which were passed unanimously. They include: read more...

 Association members focus on inclusivity

 At the 2019 AGM, members approved changes to the Association bylaws, allowing the organization to advance with a focus on inclusivity. read more...

 Media Advisory - 2019 AGM

 On Tuesday, April 9, the Association of Registered Nurses of Manitoba (the Association) is expecting a dynamic Annual General Meeting driven by member resolutions focused on raising the profile of nursing, the social determinants of health related to read more...

 Association called on government to promote a professional nursing image and diversity in campaign

 The Association called on the Manitoba Government to replace their recent nursing recruitment campaign with one that promotes a realistic and professional image of our diverse nursing workforce. read more...

 We're looking for student volunteers for the AGM

 If you are a student who is interested in lending a helping hand for the Association AGM on Tuesday, April 9 from 11:30 am – 2:00 pm, please email us. read more...


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