Board Director Nominees


The president-elect will serve for one year in the role before assuming the two-year presidency in November 2018. During this one-year period, the president-elect will have the opportunity to become familiar with the Association and the issues it faces and addresses. The position descriptions detailing the primary duties and qualifications for both the president-elect and president positions can be found here.

Loreley Fehr president-elect (acclaimed)

I am a registered nurse with over 25 years experience in rural Manitoba as a manager, educator and currently, as a public health nurse in Southern Health-Santé Sud. I am an advocate for patients, communities and populations in Manitoba and look forward to representing the professional voice of nurses in our province.

I was elected as board director for the Association last year and serve on the governance committee as co-chair. My leadership experience as board director of the Alzheimer's Society of Manitoba, previous board chair of the Pine Creek School Division, and member of the continuing competence review committee of the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba demonstrates my commitment to supporting professional practice, education and advocacy.

It would be an honour to serve as president-elect for the Association as it continues to evolve. With our national organization CNA working towards representing all nurses, we will also need to start the dialogue with our members to determine our direction. Collaborating with our nursing colleagues and stakeholders will need to remain a top priority. As an association we need to be proactive, evidence informed and continue to consult with all stakeholders pertaining to the health of all Manitobans

Board Directors 

The Association is looking for five board directors. The board of directors is accountable for the Association’s performance in relation to its mission and strategic objectives and for the leadership of the Association.  A position description detailing the primary duties and qualifications of board directors is available here. The Association mission, vision, values and strategic goals can be found here. Nominees for the board must be registered and in good standing with the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba.

Note: A person in good standing is regarded as having complied with all the explicit obligations as a registered nurse, while not being subject to any form of sanction, suspension or disciplinary censure. 

Lisa Albensi

I have been on the Association's governance committee for the past two years, and am ready for the challenge and privilege of being on the board of directors. I believe that being on the board of directors would be an exciting opportunity to represent the voices of registered nurses throughout the province. 

In Manitoba, I have worked in Winnipeg and Steinbach, and also have connections with nurses in the Northern RHA and Interlake-Eastern RHA. I would bring my skills from previous positions as a front-line nurse, quality director, project manager, nurse educator, and administrator (in home care, acute care, ambulatory care, in urban, community, and rural settings). In those positions, I had the opportunity to do an assortment of things either individually or with a team, such as: start a unit newsletter; write guidelines and policies and procedures; write patient education brochures and develop on-line training videos; plan workshops and conferences; enhance staff orientation programs; conduct an interdisciplinary mixed-methods research study, and lead nursing practice and nursing leadership committees. 

As an instructor with the University of Manitoba, I can help with bridging the gap between nursing theory and practice. I am a positive person who is outgoing, organized, and detail-orientated.

Ken Borce

In a nutshell, being one of the Association’s board directors would allow me to give back to the profession that has widened my perspective of the world and taught me innumerable skills. Recognizing that I still have much more to learn, I firmly believe that I have a good understanding of the challenges of registered nursing practice in Manitoba. I would leverage this knowledge to advocate, promote, and advance our profession.

With my diverse experience, educational background and being an internationally educated nurse, I have the insight, knowledge, skills, and abilities to positively contribute to the mission of the Association. To name a few, I am highly proficient with computer technology, strategic and operational planning, and systems improvement. I am also skilled in financial analysis, presentation, stakeholder engagement, and project management.

Above all, I am passionate about delivering the highest quality and most sustainable care to patients by promoting excellence in and growth of professional nursing practice, education, leadership, and research. I believe that the overall advancement of our profession can be achieved through meaningful consultation, collaboration, and communication with our fellow nurses and other healthcare colleagues.


Ashley Carruthers 

It is with great passion for the profession of nursing that I am seeking a spot on the board of directors so that I too can promote nursing excellence. I believe nursing careers are changing and scope of practices are expanding. With these transitions, nurses will need a professional organization that will represent them both in practice and policy. 

As a director, I will bring not only my passion and drive but also my education and experience. I have more than 18 years experience in health care. With this experience I have seen the growing changes within the system. Some changes have been good and others have disrupted the integrity of our practice. I have always been an independent stakeholder in change, but wish to be part of something bigger. Being part of an organization that promotes and supports nursing practice is more important now in this ever-changing climate. 

I have continued my journey in nursing through education and recently received my Master’s in Nursing as a nurse practitioner. It is within this new role that I have recognized the global issues and wish to be part of a voice in change for our professional practice.


Patricia Cockburn

I have worked as a registered nurse for 37 years, primarily in rural Manitoba spanning community health, acute care and long-term care. My career has afforded me the opportunity to work with many nurses who I have listened to and learned from them. Promoting excellence of nursing practice through professional development and advocacy is critical to our future. There is significant change in healthcare throughout Canada. 

The importance of a professional voice being heard has never been so important. Engaging and collaborating with key stakeholders needs to continue; it can only strengthen what our professional association has to offer. We need nurses advancing nursing and supporting one another as we enter a time of more change and uncertainty. 

Being involved with the Association will advance my opportunities to advocate for nurses and clients and contribute to health care policy and practice change. I feel that my experience and understanding of health care in Manitoba has provided me with a solid foundation to work from. Nursing has provided me with a rewarding career in a profession that I am so proud of. I would be privileged to "give back" to the profession by serving as a board director.


Jo-Anne Lutz

I am interested in being a board director for the Association as I have a keen interest in nursing practice. As a registered nurse, I have spent the majority of my career working in northern settings where minimal resources shape the RN role. Due to limited human resources in these settings, maximizing the role of RNs is important.  RNs are supported to work to their highest scope based on licensure and workplace policy can be the most effective in their role and highly satisfied in their workplace. The supports that are in place, or not, can influence the RNs success in their role and patient care. If an RN working to their full scope is associated with improved patient outcomes, then this evidence could support employers to ensure the correct workplace supports for the patient, nurse and health care system.

Over the last eleven years, I have been in a management position within primary care settings. I have been involved with the provincial Advanced Access initiative and have taught access improvement to clinics and specialty groups since 2009. The skill I would bring is an understanding of nursing scope of practice and primary care settings in a provincial context.


April Martin 

It is an exciting and challenging time in health care. Living and working in rural Manitoba allows me to understand the benefits and challenges nurses face working in a rural setting. I am a firm believer that nursing is an art. I plan to use my strong communication skills to advocate for and be the representative voice for rural nurses within the Association of Registered Nurses of Manitoba. 

My background is in gerontological nursing and has provided me with patience, perseverance and the drive to provide holistic care to patients and their families. I am a self-directed and motivated individual that thrives on creating professional and therapeutic relationships within my career. 

The opportunity to have a position as a board director will allow me to further develop and engage in new professional relationships. I will collaborate with various nursing professionals to aid in connecting and establishing opportunities to strengthen the nursing profession. There are numerous emerging issues that our profession is facing, and I would be honored and privileged to have the opportunity to participate in the guidance of shaping our profession and being a part of the positive direction our profession is headed.


Kealy Murray

Over the last year I have thoroughly enjoyed my role as a member of the Association’s professional development committee and most recently have been appointed as co-chair. Running for the role of board director will allow me to continue to contribute and give back to the nursing profession and the members of the Associaiton. I am committed to supporting my peers in this complex time and our ever changing health care system.
I have been working hard to gather a wide variety of dynamic experiences and have worked in woman and child health, public health, oncology, and most recently as a simulation and clinical education facilitator for the University of Manitoba.  I have worked both in rural and urban centres in Alberta and Manitoba, and I am currently working on my Master's of Nursing at the University of Manitoba.

I believe I can bring a well-rounded perspective to the board having worked in both rural and urban centres, as well as the community, in patient settings, outpatient clinics, and nursing education.  I believe in furthering the profession of nursing through health innovation and providing support for nurses as health care professionals.