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Issues Report Form 

If you would like to identify an emerging or critical issue that you believe the Association and/or the nursing community should be aware of, please complete the form below. An issue may be something that you are concerned about within your community that impacts nursing, something you have experienced while working, or it may be a high level issue that you believe will have significant downstream impact on the health of people living in Manitoba. 

The Association believes registered nurses are health experts and we want to hear about the things impacting you and the individuals you care for. While we will do our best to respond to every issue, those that are identified by multiple sources will be the top priority. 

Any information you submit through these forms will be kept private and will not be shared on our website.

Issue Report

Please be as detailed as possible, provide background information if you have it and indicate how you think the Association could get involved and what you outcome you would like to see.

Who else should be involved: (i.e. names of experts, other interested parties, key stakeholders, etc.)