Advocacy in Action

Our goal is to inform and influence change related to the issues that matter to the profession of nursing. 

In our advocacy efforts we have focused on establishing ourselves as a credible and valued organization that supports professional practice and advances the profession of nursing. 

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Advocating for nurses

  • Mandated overtime at St. Boniface
  • Protecting nurses and Manitobans by implementing the recommendations found in the Virgo Report
  • Healing our system public awareness campaign - identifying the lack of recognition of NPs as a point of contact for primary care
  • Population health impacts of over-representation of CFS involvement for Indigenous peoples
  • Authorized nurse prescriber implementation
  • Medical cannabis

Harm reduction

With direction provided by membership, the Association continues to make harm reduction a priority. Recently we’ve:

  • Participated as a member of the Community Mental Health and Addictions Network
  • Supported and promoted the work of Project Safe Audience
  • Offered professional development opportunities and resources to members

Homelessness and poverty

The Association continues to work with End Homelessness Winnipeg, the lead agency for the volunteer-driven, community-based initiative Gizhe Waa Ti-Sil-Win Service Delivery Expo. The Association is part of the steering and service committees to organize and provide free appropriate services to individuals experiencing or at risk of becoming homeless. 

As well, the Association is working with other not for profit groups to develop a comprehensive poverty reduction plan including targets & timelines to reduce poverty.



Connecting with government

In July, executive director Mary Smith and president Jennifer Dunsford met with Cameron Friesen, Minister of Health, Seniors and Active Living, Deputy Minister Karen Herd, and Sean Brygudre, executive director of health and human resource planning to discuss opportunities for collaboration, including:

  • Accessing expertise through existing nursing leadership tables such as the Manitoba Nursing Leadership Group that includes representation from education, practice and regulation
  • Taking an upstream approach to healthcare transformation

Additionally, we have regular meetings and contacts with the department of Health, Seniors and Active Living; Shared Services Manitoba; and each of the regional health authorities. These connections allow us the opportunity to voice the concerns and share the questions we hear from members. 

Truth and reconciliation

On June 18, the Association signed Winnipeg’s Indigenous Accord. The Accord is a living document, not a single time event, but an ongoing responsibility accepted by the signatories. By becoming partners to the Accord, the Association agrees to report the success of our commitment to reconciliation and our future goals annually. 

Our goal

To improve the healthcare experience and health outcomes of Indigenous peoples. The Association is committed to increasing our members’ knowledge and skills related to cultural competency and sensitivity by providing professional development opportunities and workshops related to Calls to Action 18-24 set out by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. 

Our results

For 2018, the Association reported:

  • 160 healthcare professionals who participated in cultural competency training
  • 5 collaborations with Indigenous peoples. Elders, Knowledge Keepers, Cultural Providers to develop and/or implement curriculum, strategies, protocols, processes, projects, or programs
  • 6 activities initiated by the Association to formally advocate for Indigenous rights
  • 2 activities/event to increase the visibility of Indigenous contributions, experiences, values, culture, languages, and/or teachings to bridge understanding between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities
  • 1 Indigenous people currently represented in our governance structure
  • Our organization has been practicing traditional territory and land acknowledgement for 28 months