2019 Provincial Election

Manitobans will be heading to the polls on September 10, 2019 to elect a new government. This is an ideal time for nurses to know the issues, use your voice and share your knowledge to influence change. 

Know the issues 

Health is more than just healthcare. This election, get to know the issues that impact health in order to influence change, reduce inequities and improve health outcomes of the people living in Manitoba. 

Below, we’ve linked the major issues with resources and recommendations. The evidence-based recommendations found through the links have been developed by partner organizations including the Manitoba Public Health Association (MPHA), Social Planning Council of Winnipeg and the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) and are endorsed by the Association. 

This is an opportunity to get to know the issues, ask questions of your candidates and make an informed decision when voting.  

Access to care in rural, remote and northern regions

Climate change

Closing gaps in indigenous health

- Disability

Early childhood development

Food security

Harm reduction

Healthy aging


Mental health and addictions


Preventative healthcare

Safe, quality patient/client care

Social determinants of health (employment and income assistance, minimum wage, social housing)

Social justice

Use your voice

Get Ready

Make sure you are registered to vote, know your riding, and have your current address on file with Elections Manitoba.

Ask Questions

When door knockers approach, engage them! Have your questions ready. You could also participate in an all-candidates forum in your riding.


Email your candidates to let them know what you care about, or reach out to them through social media. Start by finding out who they are...


Know when, know where. Vote early to beat the crowds! And when it's all over, if you haven't already, be sure to introduce yourself to your new MLA.

Share your knowledge 

 Nurses have a significant role in Manitoba’s health care system. We have a deep and shared understanding of how health is affected by a myriad of external factors such as employment, income, education, living conditions and the environment. This holistic approach allows us to see the full picture and recognize the importance of advocating for health beyond just health services.

Tools and resources 

Manitoba Public Health Association (MPHA) Election Website

MPHA has put together an excellent election site focused on changing the conversation to talk about health beyond hospitals and emergency departments. Find it here.

Social Planning Council of Winnipeg

The Social Planning Council of Winnipeg has put together information sheets about what you need to know before you vote on pertinent issues. Find them here.

Events calendar

Our events calendar includes debates related to healthcare and the social determinants of health. Take a look to find opportunities to ask the important questions of your candidates. Find it here.

Election Toolkit

With the federal election happening in 2019 as well, the Canadian Nurses Association has created an Election Toolkit that offers guidance useful for advocacy in any election. Find the toolkit here.

Elections Manitoba

Elections Manitoba to determine your eligibility to vote and register, which are essential to participating in this year’s election. 

Official political party websites

Communist Party of Canada – Manitoba

Green Party of Manitoba

Manitoba Liberal Party

New Democratic Party of Manitoba (NDP)

ProgressiveConservative Party of Manitoba (PC)