Welcome to LPNs and RPNs


It is our pleasure to welcome licensed practical nurses (LPNs) and registered psychiatric nurses (RPNs) as full, practising members of an association for all nurses. We are proud to share that we are now known as the Association of Regulated Nurses of Manitoba. Changing our name was the first official step to representing all designations of nurses in Manitoba. 

This is truly a historic moment in Manitoba during a year that is already unforgettable. January kicked off the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife bringing global attention to our profession. This attention quickly pivoted to focus on the incredible efforts of nurses at the forefront of an unprecedented global pandemic, which both demonstrated how important each and every nurse is and unified us as one. 

That’s how we envision the Association. Nurses represented as one unified voice to advance the nursing profession and contribute their expertise for the health of all.

The intent is not to just add LPNs and RPNs to an existing association, but to re-imagine it together. We hope that you will join us to build on the existing foundation to create something bigger that represents and meets the needs of all of us.
We want all designations to have equitable representation on the board, on committees and as members. We want your input to develop the structure, resources and supports that you want as an LPN or RPN. This is an association created by nurses for nurses. Join us in continuing that tradition to make it a professional association that embraces all nurses. With your involvement we can strengthen the voice of nurses in Manitoba.


Jennifer Dunsford                                                          Mary Smith 
President                                                                         Executive Director