Three Reasons to Attend the Annual General Meeting

Stay Connected

A staple at all annual meetings is reporting to members. This includes a report on audited financial statements, a report from the president and a report from the executive director. These reports offer members insight into the performance, direction, and stability of the Association. Reviewing these reports and asking questions helps ensure the Association remains focused and healthy.
As a member, your voice and vote is important to the well-being of the Association.


Vote on Resolutions

Members have been invited to submit resolutions prior to the AGM. Resolutions received are discussed and voted on at the AGM.
While some resolutions would simply change the wording of bylaws, others may suggest shifting the focus of the Association to include new member types, or purposes.
As a member, you have the opportunity to speak for or against any resolution and use your privelege to vote on its acceptance.


Ask Questions

The role of a board is very important. They create policy and make decisions affecting the day-to-day operations. These decisions and policies have an impact on you as a member.

 The AGM presents an opportunity for you as a member to bring questions to the board.