RPNs & LPNs: The background and benefits of ARNM membership

Did the College of Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Manitoba (CRPNM) or the College of Licensed Practical Nurses (CRPNM) become the Association of Regulated Nurses of Manitoba (ARNM)? 

No, ARNM is a separate entity with a different mandate than any of the colleges in Manitoba. The colleges exist to regulate their respective nursing body in order to serve and protect the public interest. ARNM exists to support and promote nursing. Both roles are important and complementary, but they are distinct.

A nurse that wishes to practise in Manitoba must be registered with the applicable college. Conversely, membership in ARNM is voluntary. Nurses join to access the many benefits of membership including free professional development sessions, online resources and supports, discounts on products and services through the Perks for Nurses program, membership in the Canadian Nurses Association and much more. 

Why did CLPNM and CRPNM send out communication on behalf of ARNM?

The Association of Regulated Nurses of Manitoba (ARNM) is an association of nurses. We recently expanded our membership base to include all nursing designations. This means that LPNs and RPNs are now eligible for membership in ARNM. With limited options for reaching out to LPNs and RPNs directly, CLPNM and CRPNM agreed to send out a message to their nurses to share this information. 

How do I continue to get information about ARNM?

ARNM stays connected with members through our bi-weekly eNews. If you’d like to access the eNews and the other benefits of membership, click the Join Now button below. 

You can also get updates on latest news on our website or by following us on Facebook and Twitter.