Participate in a research study, Recovery-Oriented Milieus: Nursing Practices in Acute Care Mental Health Settings

Recovery-Oriented Milieus:
Nursing Practices in Acute Care Mental Health Settings

Letter of Invitation

Dear Nurse,

I, Andrea Thomson, along with my co-investigator, Sharran Mullins, are Assistant Professors in the Department of Psychiatric Nursing at Brandon University. We would like to invite you to participate in a study to explore strategies and resources that psychiatric and mental health nurses utilize to provide care of the milieu, or environment, in acute care settings.

Psychiatric and mental health nurses are the healthcare staff tasked with providing 24-hour care to clients residing in acute care mental health settings. In addition to helping clients in their recovery processes, these nurses are also responsible for managing and maintaining a safe environment or milieu in these settings. However, research pertaining strategies and resources required to foster a milieu that promotes recovery has been lacking. 

If you agree to take part in this study, I would meet with you to talk about strategies and resources that are conducive to fostering a recovery-oriented acute care milieu. This meeting would be at a time and place of your choice. The conversation will be about an hour. All participants will receive a $10.00 gift certificate to Tim Hortons at the onset of the individual interview. You may choose to complete the interview through a secure internet server (Zoom). Should you opt for this option, the gift certificate will be mailed to you following the interview.

Confidentiality will be maintained through the use of a pseudonym. Data from all participants will be aggregated and your name or any other identifying information will not be published or shared. Only I will be aware of your identity should you choose to participate in the interview. 

In addition to the interview, you may also choose to participate in a small focus group to further discuss this topic. The purpose of the focus group is to ensure that your voice and perspectives have been accurately captured. A focus group will be held at Brandon University in Brandon and/or Winnipeg, MB. Gift certificates to a gas station will be provided to compensate for some travel expenses. 

Participation in the focus group is optional. It is perfectly acceptable to only participate in the interview. All participants will be asked to keep discussion in the focus group confidential. In addition, we require that the identities of those who participate remain confidential as well. 

Your participation is voluntary and you may refuse to answer any question or withdraw from the study at any time prior to the dissemination of findings. Participating or declining to participate in this study will not affect your relationship with the myself, my co-researcher, or Brandon University in any way. The interviews and focus groups will be audio-recorded and then transcribed by a transcriptionist.

Following the study, we hope to use the findings to enhance recovery-oriented practices in acute care settings. We also plan to publish the findings in a peer reviewed journal and present the findings at a Health Studies Seminar Series as well as at a provincial conference. The research team would be happy to share the findings with you and a copy of the article can be made available on request following publication.

Should you have any questions about participating in the study, please contact me directly. I may be reached at (204) 772 0377 ext: 877 and You may also speak with my co-researcher, Sharran Mullins at (204) 727 7432 ext: 432 and 

If you have any concerns regarding your treatment or rights as a research participant or any other ethical issue, you may contact the Brandon University Ethics Committee at (204) 727-9712 or

If you are interested in participating in the study please contact me at (204) 772 0377 ext: 877 or


Andrea Thomson RPN MPN
Assistant Professor
Psychiatric Nursing Department
Faculty of Health Studies
Brandon University