September 2020: Advocacy update

The Association has been working hard throughout the past months to advocate for health, nurses and the public we serve during this pandemic. 

Long-term care

In partnership with the Manitoba Gerontological Nursing Association (MGNA), we are advocating for needed change in long-term care. This includes requests for additional support during COVID-19, but just as importantly for long-term change. We are looking for three things:

  1. An evaluation of the current long-term care standards to align with current needs
  2. Support for Bill 212 to be passed, which requires the average amount of direct nursing care provided to a resident to be at least four hours per day
  3. Designated long-term care expertise as part of the pandemic response

Outsourcing of core public health services during COVID-19

On September 4, together with the Community Health Nurses of Manitoba (CHNM) we sent a letter to Premier Pallister expressing our concern about the request for proposals (RFP) to provide COVID-19 contact tracing and case investigation services for the province.  Outsourcing core public health services fails to recognize the training, specialized skills and knowledge of public health nurses and other providers. Further, an outsourced provider will not be able to fully integrate with the public health system – a system that already has the potential to address Manitoba’s need if adequately supported. 

We asked the government to:

  • Set the RFP aside
  • Provide additional supports to the existing public health system
  • Continue to support an expanded public health system beyond the pandemic
Read the letter below.


August 24: Together with MGNA, we met with Uzoma Asagwara, MLA, NDP Critic for Health, Seniors and Active Living to advocate for these actions. 

September 9: Together with MGNA we met with Dr. Jon Gerrard, Liberal MLA to discuss both long-term care and the outsourcing of core public health services during COVID-19. 

Meeting with the Minister: We are in the process of finalizing a date to speak with Minister Friesen regarding both issues. 

Learn more and stay up to date on our advocacy efforts on our Advocacy in Action page.