Seeking feedback on Health Canada's Draft Guide to
Application of the Child Health Protection Act

In 2015, the Government of Canada committed to restricting the advertising to children of foods that meet certain criteria for sodium, sugars and saturated fat. The Minister of Health's 2017 mandate letter reaffirmed this commitment. This initiative is part of Health Canada’s Healthy Eating Strategy, which aims to lower the risk of chronic disease in Canada by helping to make the healthier choice the easier choice for Canadians.
A broad public consultation on policy options for restricting advertising to children took place between June 10, 2017 and August 14, 2017. This was followed by a formal policy update published online on May 14, 2018. Additional engagements with interested stakeholders have taken place along the way. A complete inventory of all stakeholder engagements is available on Health Canada’s online portal “Meetings and correspondence on healthy eating”.
Health Canada is interested in receiving your comments on the attached draft guide. Please send any comments/feedback that you may have to by February 15, 2019.
Please note that this is only the first version of the draft guide and there will be further opportunity to provide additional comments on future versions.