Celebrating Nurse Practitioner Day - November 18, 2020 

The Association of Regulated Nurses of Manitoba is proud to celebrate Nurse Practitioner Day and recognize the unique value that nurse practitioners add to our healthcare system. 

“It’s so important to acknowledge the expertise of our members,” said Dr. Cheryl Cusack, executive director of the Association. “The specialized skills and knowledge of nurse practitioners can increase access to primary care and improve health outcomes for our communities. We see the value they add, and now more than ever, we recognize and commend nurse practitioners for the leadership they are providing in our healthcare system.”

The Association welcomes the opportunity to partner with the Nurse Practitioners Association of Manitoba (NPAM) to support Manitoba’s nurse practitioners. 
Message from NPAM

On November 18th, 2013 former Health, Seniors and Active Living Minister Erin Selby proclaimed Nurse Practitioner Day in Manitoba. Nurse practitioners are committed to providing Manitoban’s access to high quality health care now more than ever. Manitoba has 252 licensed family all ages/adult nurse practitioners. 

Nurse practitioners are unique health care providers given they are registered nurses with graduate education who have the legislated authority to autonomously complete comprehensive assessments; order, conduct and interpret diagnostic tests; diagnose health conditions; prescribe medications (including controlled drugs and substances); arrange referrals to specialists: provide treatments (e.g. medications & minor procedures); manage chronic disease; screen for early disease detection; offer healthy lifestyle coaching; and advocate for socioeconomic resources.

Nurse practitioners are an important part of our health care system. Happy NP Day to all of the hard working & dedicated nurse practitioners in Manitoba. 

NPAM endeavors to promote accessible and effective healthcare by nurse practitioners to the public of Manitoba.  NPAM is the only nursing organization in Manitoba that is governed and employs active practicing NPs as a non-profit corporation that collaborates with NP students, employers, unions, legislators, regulators (College of Registered Nurses), the public, and post-secondary education institutes for advancing the NP role and ensuring safe quality patient care.