Medical Assistance in Dying Task Force

The Association is participating on a national Task Force lead by the Canadian Nurses Association regarding Medical Assistance in Dying. The Task Force is developing a national nursing framework to guide nurses’ ethical decision-making regarding Medical Assistance in Dying under the new Federal legislation Bill C-14. The framework will work in concert with the directives from the nursing regulatory bodies and the legal advice from the Canadian Nurses Protective Society (CNPS). 

The Task Force is a collaborative initiative that includes all regulated nurses and, specifically, representatives from provincial and territorial nursing associations, nursing regulatory bodies, employers, Health Canada, unions, educators and others such as indigenous nurses, a nurse ethicist, and nurse lawyers. The Task Force expects to release its final report in November 2016. Until that time, nurses should refer to the guidance and direction from the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba, CNPS, and their employer. 

You can find information regarding Medical Assistance in Dying from the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba on their website at and from CNPS on their website at .