Local study group for Pediatric Specialty Certification

CNA is now offering a Pediatric Specialty Certification for RNs and NPs working with the pediatric population. The first exam will take place in November, with applications to write the exam accepted between June 3 and September 12.

While CNA offers some tools for exam preparation, a study group at Health Sciences Centre (HSC) is also being put together and will begin in June. Meetings will be at HSC with access through video conferencing for some of the sessions. Additionally, an online platform for discussions, posting resources/notes is being created. The online tool will be open to nurses across Manitoba. 

As an Association member, you receive 25% off the cost of the exam. You can find all exam costs on the CNA website here. There are also a few avenues you can explore for financial support, including through the Education Trust Fund

If you have any questions about the study group, please contact Jonathan Honsberger at jhonsberger@hsc.mb.ca.