Nurse's self-care journey results in local hiking guide 

Jaime Manness’ return to a hobby that brought her joy as a child quickly developed into a way to practice self-care and take time for herself. Now, Jaime’s passion for hiking has resulted in a local hiking guide, appropriately titled Hike Manitoba.  

Hike Manitoba is a curated collection of 51 hikes, all within Manitoba. It includes hiking tips, trail etiquette, beautiful artwork and hand-drawn maps.

Jaime is a LifeFlight nurse and part time instructor at Red River College. She began her career in the emergency department at Health Sciences Centre, where she still works occasionally. 

Two years into her career, Jaime was feeling the impact of the intensity of emergency nursing and the vicarious trauma that is often experienced by nurses. She was increasingly anxious and finding it hard to sleep, which led her to remember the joy of family hikes during her childhood and the effortless sleep that resulted. So, Jaime went back into the woods.  

“Emergency nurses regularly experience burnout. Because nurses are intrinsically helpers, we are at high risk to forego self-care and often forget to check in with ourselves to monitor our own needs. And the reality is that self-care doesn’t really exist until someone is willing to acknowledge that it’s necessary.” said Jaime. “Hiking may not be for everyone, but most of us have something in our lives that we seek out when we need to catch our breath and take a minute for ourselves. Even more, we need to be encouraged to take a minute.”
From both Jaime’s own experience and what she sees with the students and new nurses she works with, there is work to be done to emphasize the importance of self-care. Jaime says that more education could be offered in this area so that when nursing students graduate, they’re prepared for what’s about to happen in their lives. 

“The transition from student to nurse can often be rough as nurses are on their own for the first time,” said Jaime. “Habits form early on and self-care should be one of them. I think we have an opportunity to build our nurses up by including the skills to care for themselves in their education.”

With Hike Manitoba Jaime’s passion for hiking and teaching, and the understanding of the importance of self-care all came together. 

“I’m regularly asked ‘where should I hike this weekend?’” Jaime shared. “This book answers that question and gives me the chance to guide someone on a self-care adventure.”

Hike Manitoba can be purchased through Jaime’s website Jaime is offering members of the Association 10% off her book. Click here and login to get the code.

Hike Manitoba Book

Jaime Manness RN, Lifeflight

Jaime and her hiking companion Jasper