Call for RNs to take part in a study about situations where you feel you had to be Cruel to be Kind

The goal of this study is to explore situations that involve the RN having to act in a way that he/she, or others, perhaps clients, family members, nursing students, or health care staff, may have viewed as harsh, uncaring, insensitive, or even cruel. 

As a participant in this study, you will be interviewed to:  1) explore your experiences in situations where you perceived yourself or others perceived you to be harsh, uncaring, insensitive, or even cruel; 2) identify any tension, ethical or moral dilemmas you experienced in this situation; 3) explore how you were impacted by the situation; and 4) explore coping strategies you utilized to manage the tension or moral distress that may have resulted from the situation

Eligibility: All Registered Nurses with an active practicing license with the College of Registered Nurses in Manitoba (CRNM); minimum of five years of experience in nursing; and currently employed as a RN in a clinical setting, an educational institution (college or university), or as an administrator are considered to be potential participants.

Confidentiality: Participation is confidential. Taking part in the study is entirely voluntary. Your name will not be on any forms or notes, and will not be identified in any paper or presentation that may arise from this study. 

Duration: Each interview will last about 45-60 minutes. The interview will be digitally recorded and be transcribed. If you feel uncomfortable being audiotaped during a portion of the interview, you may request to have your statements made during the interview removed from transcription.

Benefits and Risks: This study will identify tensions that occur and uncover issues that may impact job satisfaction, job performance, and morale in various work environments.  The findings may inform other RNs, employers, and educators regarding supports and resources required or recommended to deal with situations where nurses feel or act in a way that is perceived as being cruel to be kind.  There is a risk that some participants may feel upset when sharing their experiences. 

Researchers: This study will be conducted by Professor Jan Marie Graham and Instructional Associate Nadine Smith, and a Research Assistant.  For more information about this study or to volunteer for this study, please email: or contact: Jan Marie Graham, 204-571-8593 or Nadine Smith, 204-571-8573 

This study has been reviewed by, and received ethics clearance through Brandon University, Research Ethics Committee (#22316).

Cruel to be Kind Poster
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