2020 Member survey results 

Thank you for your outstanding response to the member survey. The information you shared shapes the Association's path forward and ensures that we put our time and effort into the supports and services our members are looking for. 

The winners of the member survey contest are:

  • Jennifer Newitt RN
  • Jillian Hooper RN
  • Laura Katch RN

Click the questions below to see the results. Click it again to close it. 

1. Member age range

2. What geographic area do you work in?

3. What is your area of practice?


4. How many years of practice do you have as a nurse?

5. Which of the following membership benefits provide you with the most value?

6. How do you access information from the Association?

7. How often would you like to receive the Association eNews?

8. Are you taking advantage of Perks for Nurses, such as Perkopolis?

Please note: If you're not already taking advantage of Perks for Nurses, Perks for Nurses page to learn more.

9. Do you regularly visit the Events Calendar on the Association website to see about upcoming professional development events across the province and Canada?

10. Which of the following professional development opportunities and resources have you accessed?

11. Which areas do you think the Association should focus its advocacy efforts with government?

12. We are developing online communities of practice. Which community area would you like to see?

13. We are planning to hold our Professional Nursing Awards - Celebration of Excellence in a virtual format this December. What start time would you prefer to see?

14. What topics would you like to see for future Talk Tuesday professional development sessions?

15. Can you suggest a specific speaker you would like to hear from that we could contact to request a presentation from?

We received many great responses to this and look forward to connecting with these speakers and showcasing them through future Talk Tuesdays. Because contact information was shared, we're not posting the results.

16. If the Association developed an online mentorship program, would you be interested in participating as a mentor or mentee?

17. Overall, how would you rate your experience with the Association?

Please note: If you have not been satisfied with your interaction with the Association, please contact the executive director at 204-920-1521. We want to hear from you so that we can improve our services.

18. Which social media platform do you use the most?