2019 CNPS Fee Requirement for Association Members

Dear members, 

Eligibility for professional liability protection and other legal services from the Canadian Nurses Protective Society at a discounted annual rate is one of the many benefits included in your Association membership. Your Association fee is made up of:

  • Association operational fee
  • Canadian Nurses Protective Society (CNPS) fee 
  • Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) fee 

For 2018, the Association fee was $163.75 + GST for an RN and $215.45 + GST for an NP. The fee breakdown was:

  • Association $72.25
  • CNPS $34.00 for RN, $85.50 for NP
  • CNA $57.50

The Association has recently been advised of CNPS’s decision to increase the fee for 2019 professional liability protection to $48.00 for an RN and $122.50 for an NP. The Association’s board of directors will be meeting to review the implications of this new development on the 2019 Association membership fee. The Association will then consult with members. 

By visiting https://cnps.ca/2019feesARNM you can find the correspondence from CNPS that outlines the 2019 fee requirements. As mentioned in the letter, CNPS is contemplating an incremental increase for NP fees over 2019 and 2020. 

We encourage you to visit http://bit.ly/2FjRPIpfor more information about the CNPS fee requirement or contact the CNPS as 1-800-267-3390.  Please also feel free to call 204-992-1520 or email info@arnm.ca with any comments or questions. 


Mary Smith
Executive Director