The Role of the Association

Professional nursing associations exist to provide a voice to advance the profession; influence healthy public policy; and provide resources and supports to help members succeed throughout their career. 

Professional associations can:

  • Offer nurses the opportunity to engage in the profession and contribute to the overall vision of healthcare

  • Offer key services that support the professional development that every nurse is required to do for continuing competence, resources for professional practices, knowledge generation, and research

  • Provide networking opportunities with a broader range of nurses than found in their workplace, which promotes further education and career development

  • Take a whole system approach and offer an objective outside perspective to help facilitate integrated solutions

  • Rely on subject matter experts within the profession when asked to provide feedback to stakeholders such as the government on various issues 

  • Provide nurses with the opportunity to use their voices to advocate for health and be seen as experts in their field 

  • Connects nurses with other professional bodies both intra and interprofessionally at the local, national and international levels