Board Highlights

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October 2018

Manitoba Health Coalition
We had a guest presentation from the Manitoba Health Coalition, an advocacy and social justice organization, to discuss the Association’s potential membership in the Coalition. The board discussed the proposal, and decided that the Association would not join the Coalition as a member at this time, pending further discussion about the strategic alignment between the two organizations.

Report from the Chair
In her report, chair Margaret Rauliuk provided a summary of a great meeting between the Association and provincial health critic Andrew Swan, who is interested in continued engagement with the Association as an important healthcare stakeholder.

Board Director Elections

The governance committee was thrilled to report that Association members have elected five new board directors: Lisa Albensi, Ken Borce, Jo-Ann Lutz, Ashley Carruthers, and Patricia Cockburn. Congratulations to them and to our new president-elect, Loreley Fehr. The Board offers sincere thanks to everyone who put their name forward.

Operations Update
In her operations report, executive director Mary Smith noted that membership renewal numbers are positive, that there have been a number of exciting opportunities with student nurses, and a significant increase in student memberships.

Media Coverage
The Association received great coverage from the media on its position statement  in response to media report 'Nurse punched in the face by man believed high on meth.' This was a great opportunity for the Associaiton to be the voice of professional nurses in Manitoba, involving a subject matter expert in our communications. The board moved to support the development of a communications strategy and a government relations strategy to facilitate responses to situations like this in the future.

Thank you to the Outgiong Board Directors
The board wishes to extend sincere gratitude to the exiting board directors. The remaining board directors feel fortunate to have been mentored by them, and to benefit from their years of hard and groundbreaking work. We wish them all the best in their next adventures and hope to see them all back soon.

June 2018

Harm Reduction

The Association’s Harm Reduction Resource is available on the website for download, and board members are encouraged to let their peers know. 

The Association hosted a professional development session on harm reduction with guest speakers from Project Safe Audience. The grassroots group made an excellent presentation, and the board discussed supporting their efforts by connecting Project Safe Audience with other harm reduction groups and possibly sponsoring a promotional banner for their event tent. 

Healthy Public Policy Group focuses on Food Security

The Healthy Public Policy working group is currently focusing on food security with a goal of increasing nurses’ understanding of food security in our province. The group has asked the board to stay tuned as they work to connect with organizations to achieve that goal. 

Gizhe Waa Ti-Sii-Win Service Delivery Expo

Association chair Margaret Rauliuk and executive director, Mary Smith attended a volunteer service expo hosted by United Way and End Homelessness. 

The expo brought together service providers from across Winnipeg to provide and increase coordinated access to free appropriate services for people experiencing homelessness and those at risk of becoming homeless. Services included foot care, housing information, tax preparation, employment and training information, Indigenous services, haircuts, mental health and much more.

After attending the expo, it’s strongly felt that this is a great opportunity for members to get involved in the community and make a difference using their nursing skills. The board discussed promoting End Homelessness to membership and looking for in-kind ways to support the initiative. 

May 2018

Board Nominations

The board discussed elections and set the following timeline for nominations:

CNA AGM and Proposed Membership Expansion

The board discussed CNA’s upcoming AGM, bylaw changes, and voting delegates to attend the AGM. 

More information can be found at 

2019 Financial Sustainability

The board passed a motion to avoid a deficit and ensure sustainability. 

 As such, the Association:
- will not absorb the CNA and CNPS fee increases. 
- approves the 2019 fee RN = $180.85 + GST and NP = $255.35 + GST, and
- will develop a communication strategy with a comprehensive explanation of the 2019 membership fee.