Board Highlights

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February 2019

Finance committee

The 2018 financial audit was completed in early February. The auditor will present the audit report to the finance committee on March 5th and then the board on March 14th. 

Advocacy – social determinants of health

We continue to collaborate with partners working in the area of social determinants of health – poverty, lack of housing, income, etc. The Association is a member of the steering and service committees for the May 13th service expo Gi-Zhe Waa Ti-Sii Win. This one-day event provides individuals/families experiencing homelessness an opportunity to connect with health services they otherwise might not access. 


If funded, the Association will be participating in a CIHR study “Impact of Primary Care Teams’ Funding Model on Roles, Processes and Comprehensiveness.” 

March 2019

Board workshop

The board directors and members of the governance committee participated in a workshop to create the next set of strategic goals. The process was very positive and the board determined three goals that they would revisit at a following meeting to ensure they were on track. It was decided that the board and governance committee would revisit the Association vision, mission and values at the May or June board meeting to further develop the strategic plan. 

Bylaw amendments

Changes to the bylaws have been suggested. The board approved that they will recommend the adoption of the restated bylaws to members at the AGM. A comparison table with the current bylaws, the proposed amendments and how the bylaws will read will be provided to members as well as a rationale for the changes in each section. 

CNPS refunds

With our launch of new member benefits, we have nurses who are calling or emailing to enquire about returning as our members. CNPS has agreed to work with the Association to streamline the refund process so that it is easy for the nurses to rejoin the Association.