About the Association

The Association of Registered Nurses of Manitoba is the professional association representing registered nurses (RNs), nurse practitioners (NPs), graduate nurses, nursing students and former registered nurses in Manitoba. The Association was incorporated under the Corporations Act of Manitoba on September 2, 2015 and officially launched January 2016. Our roots began with the informal working group known as the Manitoba RN Network.


The Association is the professional voice of registered nurses in Manitoba. We support and promote excellence in nursing practice, education, research, leadership and policy. We advocate for registered nurses and the health of people living in Manitoba.


Nurses advancing nursing and health.


Collaboration, credibility, sustainability, professionalism.

The Association has identified six strategic goals to guide our work from 2016 to 2018.

  • Establish a viable, sustainable governance and organization structure for the Association

  • Engage and communicate with nurses in Manitoba

  • Provide a professional voice for registered nurses

  • Engage and communicate with key stakeholders and partners

  • Promote and support continuing professional development

  • Promote and celebrate excellence in nursing practice

Relevance of a Provincial Nursing Association for Nurses in Manitoba:

  • Connects you with other registered nurses across Manitoba

  • Includes your voice influencing change on social and health issues that matter to nurses

  • Links you with national and international nursing and interprofessional organizations

  • Connects you to a large nursing community that supports your professional practice and advances the profession of nursing

  • Career long relationship

  • Opportunity to participate in and shape your profession


The Association is governed by a Board of Directors . We encourage you to explore our website, give us a call or send an email to info@arnm.ca for more information.