AGM and Annual Report 

Notice of the Annual General Meeting of the Members of the Association of Registered Nurses of Manitoba (the Association)

 Dated March 17, 2020.  

The board of directors of the Association hereby gives notice that the Annual General Meeting of the Association will be held at 12:15 pm on April 8, 2020 via Zoom videoconferencing, for the following purposes:

1. To receive the financial statements of the Association for the period ending December 31, 2019;

2. To receive the report of the directors to the members, and the report of the executive director;

3. To transact any other business as may properly come before the meeting.

Meeting Documents  

 The agenda can be found as part of the registration package below.
AGM Registration Package
(Adobe PDF File)
2019 Annual Report
(Adobe PDF File)
2019 Financial Statements
(Adobe PDF File)


2018 Annual Report
(Adobe PDF File)
2018 Financial Statements
(Adobe PDF File)


2017 Annual Report
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2016 Annual Report
(Adobe PDF File)