Self-care for managing uncertain times: Mindfulness-based stress reduction

Talk Tuesday - November 17, 2020

This talk is a continuation of a four-part series on self-care. Participants will experience guided mindfulness practices and gain tools and techniques they can use in their personal and professional life. Participants will learn how mindfulness can reduce stress, improve mental health and more.


Amanda Carson, RSW, C.Ht

Amanda is a social worker, registered yoga instructor and certified hypnotherapist. She runs a private practice out of Willow Tree Counselling and Consulting, an integrative wellness and trauma aware therapy clinic located in River Heights. She primarily supports those who are facing challenges related to anxiety, depression, trauma, grief and loss. She has experience working the front lines in long term care, St. Boniface Hospital, and Deer Lodge Center. 


Klinic Life in Balance & MBSR 8 Week Program -


CMHA MBSR Partners -

(Unfortunately with Covid it doesn't seem many are running the groups right now but good for future reference)

Mindfulness Books: 
Jon Kabat Zinn - Mindfulness for Beginners:

Jon Kabat Zinn - Wherever You Go There You Are:

Patricia Collard - The Little Book of Mindfulness:

Jon Kabat Zinn - Mindfulness,Healing and Wisdom in a Time of COVID-19:

Palouse Mindfulness Course (this is a free self guided online MBSR course) it is offered by Dave Potter, a certified MBSR instructor. It models Jon Kabat Zinns program:

Meditation Apps: 

  • Insight Timer 
  • Head Space
  • Calm