Seeking peace and mental health balance: Understanding the three mind states
Talk Tuesday - June 23, 2020

This Talk Tuesday features Melanie Gessell RPN, who facilitated the previous Talk Tuesday forums. 

She will introduce us to the 3 states of mind. Join us to hear about finding balance between our emotional mind (when emotions run high) and logical mind (the critical thinking, factual mind) and how mindfulness practice can help us enter into a wise (balanced) mind state to bring harmony to our nursing practice and daily life.


Melanie Gessell RPN, Mental Health and Wellness Therapist and Consultant

Melanie is a registered psychiatric nurse with 18 years experience in various streams of mental health nursing including inpatient acute care, crisis, youth corrections, community mental health and mental health counselling and consulting. In 2020, she opened the doors to her independent psychotherapy and mental health counselling and consulting practice. She is a Mental Health and Wellness Therapist and Consultant. She is pursing a graduate degree in the Masters of Psychiatric Nursing program at Brandon University with an interest in Recovery-Oriented practices.