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Mark Gregoire Life & Health Advisor

Location:  Winnipeg Insurance Sales Office
Cell:  (204) 295-4618
Fax:  (204) 947-2733
Available for mobile and in-store appointments.
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My Experience

My name is Mark Gregoire and I am a Life & Living Benefits Insurance Advisor with RBC Insurance. I was introdued to RBC Insurance in 2015 after studying Business and psychology at the University of Manitoba. After completing my post secondary education I was an air traffic controller at both the Winnipeg International airport and St. Andrews airport. Here I was able to hone my skills to make complete and well thought out plans and handle any situation. I can use my valuable education and customer service skills to advise clients on any insurance need in a timely matter. I am able to take the complexity out of insurance and make it easily understood for anyone.

How I Can Help You

In my current position as a Life & Living Benefits Insurance Advisor, I specialize in providing personalized insurance solutions to individuals and thier families. I leverage my unique experiences and specialized training to develop a deep understanding of each clients risks and goals in order to reccomend the right insurance solution for each stage of their life. I provide excellent customer service to every client, along with annual insurance reviews. I want to assure everyone that any information provided is secure and kept confidential. As well as, you are never under any obligation, meaning when I contact you, we will discuss your needs at this stage in life, then I will explain your options so that you can make an educated decision.

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