Happy National Nursing Week

Nurses: A Voice to Lead – Nursing the World to Health

Monday, May 11, to Sunday, May 1, 2020

The Association of Regulated Nurses of Manitoba (Association) and the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) will use the theme Nurses: A Voice to Lead – Nursing the World to Health this year for national nursing week. The theme was developed by the International Council of Nurses (ICN) to showcase how nurses are central to addressing a wide range of health challenges. ICN says the theme will help raise the profile of the profession and attract a new generation into the nursing family.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has designated 2020 as the Year of the Nurse and Midwife in honour of the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth.

Share your photos: We want to celebrate you for Nursing Week

Nurses are central to addressing a wide range of health challenges, which is more evident this year than ever before. To demonstrate this, we want photos of you or you and your colleagues. We also want quotes to share on social media about how you use your voice to lead. 

When you send in your photo or quote you’re automatically entered to win a $50 Esso gift card. 

Send photos and quotes info@arnm.ca or by tagging us on Facebook @ARNMNurses and/or Twitter @ARNMNurses.

National Nursing Week Posters

Association Events

Talk Tuesday I May 12 at 8PM I Register »  

 This forum during Nursing Week will showcase the ICN/CNA theme and celebrate nurses as leaders, featuring Manitoba’s own Claire Betker, president of the Canadian Nurses Association. She will share her impressive personal journey of nursing leadership, as well describe how the national nursing priorities and pandemic response relate to us at the provincial level.


Dr. Claire Betker, RN PhD

CNA President &
Scientific Director, NCCDH

Claire’s career began in southwestern Manitoba at a rural single-nurse public health office. She has worked in public health, home care and primary health care in a variety of positions at local, regional, provincial and national levels.

Claire believes all nurses are leaders. It is through our collective voice and action that we effectively advocate for our profession, support the sustainability of the health system and create communities where all people have a fair opportunity to be healthy. Claire is Scientific Director for the National Collaborating Centre for Determinants of Health (NCCDH), hosted by St Francis Xavier University. Her focus there is on public health leadership to advance health equity across Canada.

Claire believes that strong professional nursing associations play an essential advocacy role not only for policy and system change, but also for the advancement of the profession as well as the health of all people living in Canada.

May 14 at 8PM I Register » 

Who would have thought that the Year of the Nurse and the Midwife would have shone such a spotlight on nurses?! Join us for an inspirational presentation by Amy Deagle, Founder & CEO of The International Network of Nurse Leaders. Her call to action is for all of us to seize the opportunity to shift away from the "just" a nurse mentality into powerful agents for change. Nurses, more than ever, we truly do have the power to change the world ... so let's get started! 


Amy Deagle, RN MScN

International Network of Nurse Leaders

She is the Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) and President  of the International Network of Nurse Leaders and host of the Shift Change podcast. The mission at the International Network of Nurse Leaders is to amplify the voice of nurses, champion a new way of nurse leadership and lead a change revolution in the nursing profession.

Ideas for Spreading the Word and Celebrating

- Download a National Nursing Week poster and display it at your workplace

- Download the A Voice to Lead poster, fill it out with how you use your voice to lead and take a photo to share on social media

- On social media, tell others about the diversity of your role and your nursing story using #voicetolead, #IND2020 and #NationalNursingWeek

- Follow the the Association on Facebook, and Twitter

- Be personal: write thank-you notes as a sign of your appreciation for all that your nursing staff does for patients daily. Such gestures have become increasingly rare, so this simple act of recognition can make a profound difference in employee morale

About National Nursing Week

The week draws attention to nurses, increasing the awareness of the public, policy-makers and governments of the many contributions of nursing to the well-being of Canadians.

In 1971, the International Council of Nurses (ICN) designated May 12, the birthday of nursing pioneer Florence Nightingale, as International Nurses Day. In 1985, the Canadian Nurses Associaiton (CNA) members passed a resolution to begin negotiations with the federal government to have the week containing May 12 proclaimed as National Nurses Week annually. Soon after, the federal minister of health proclaimed the second week of May as National Nurses Week. In 1993, the name was changed to National Nursing Week to emphasize the profession's accomplishments as a discipline.