Board Highlights

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February 2019

Finance committee

The 2018 financial audit was completed in early February. The auditor will present the audit report to the finance committee on March 5th and then the board on March 14th. 

Advocacy – social determinants of health

We continue to collaborate with partners working in the area of social determinants of health – poverty, lack of housing, income, etc. The Association is a member of the steering and service committees for the May 13th service expo Gi-Zhe Waa Ti-Sii Win. This one-day event provides individuals/families experiencing homelessness an opportunity to connect with health services they otherwise might not access. 


If funded, the Association will be participating in a CIHR study “Impact of Primary Care Teams’ Funding Model on Roles, Processes and Comprehensiveness.” 

March 2019

Board workshop

The board directors and members of the governance committee participated in a workshop to create the next set of strategic goals. The process was very positive and the board determined three goals that they would revisit at a following meeting to ensure they were on track. It was decided that the board and governance committee would revisit the Association vision, mission and values at the May or June board meeting to further develop the strategic plan. 

Bylaw amendments

Changes to the bylaws have been suggested. The board approved that they will recommend the adoption of the restated bylaws to members at the AGM. A comparison table with the current bylaws, the proposed amendments and how the bylaws will read will be provided to members as well as a rationale for the changes in each section. 

CNPS refunds

With our launch of new member benefits, we have nurses who are calling or emailing to enquire about returning as our members. CNPS has agreed to work with the Association to streamline the refund process so that it is easy for the nurses to rejoin the Association.

May 2019

Development of Pre-Authorized Payment Plan

Staff are currently developing a recurring Pre-Authorized Payment program that will coincide with the upcoming membership drive. Development of this program was in response to member feedback requesting different payment frequencies. 

Associate membership promoted to RPNs and LPNs

Following the approval of the bylaw changes related to membership categories at the April 2019 annual general meeting, an Associate membership category was established so that RPNs and LPNs could access Association and Canadian Nurses Association membership benefits and services. Staff are connecting with the respective colleges to request that they share this information with their registrants.  

Vision, mission, and values review

During the board’s strategic planning session, a review of the Association’s vision, mission and values was initiated.  A draft revision was discussed and will be brought forward to the governance committee for their input before final approval at a later board meeting.

August 2019

Meeting with Dr.  John Gerrard, health and education critic for the Manitoba Liberal Party

The president reported on the meeting, that was requested by Dr. Gerrard in advance of the provincial election.  He provided an overview of the Liberal party’s health platform which allowed us the opportunity to provide feedback and additional information related to key health issues that are of concern to nurses and the health of people living in Manitoba. 

Meeting with Cameron Friesen, Minister of Health, Seniors and Active Living; Deputy Minister Karen Herd; and Sean Brygidyr, Executive Director, Workforce

The president reported on the meeting with the Minister and Deputy Minister that provided an opportunity to position the Association as a credible resource to consult on relevant health topics/issues as we have a unique mandate that advocates for the profession of nursing and is different than the College and Union. We informed him of the purpose and value of the Manitoba Nursing Leadership Forum that the Association chairs. 

Diversity position statement

A diversity position statement has been developed and reviewed by the governance committee and approved by the board. The position statement will be put on the website on the About page under the vision, mission and values. 

Elections timeline

Elections will be held in spring 2020, with new directors being declared prior to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) so that the new board will have their first meeting the month after the AGM.

October 2019

Election forum

On October 7, ARNM and CNA hosted Town Hall: Better Access to Healthcare.  Local residents and nurses came out to hear candidates speak about healthcare issues that will be impacted by the upcoming federal election on October 21. 
ARNM members with subject matter expertise provided an overview of CNA’s priority issues after which candidates provided their party’s position on each topic.

Mission, vision, values development

Governance committee recommended that the board develop/adopt a nursing philosophy for the association. The board agreed to research the literature and draft a philosophy statement to guide our vision and mission development work.

Strategic goals

It was moved and adopted to revisit the work that was done in the strategic planning session in February which included the strategic goals, mission, vision, values and diversity position statement. These will be included in the documents for the next board meeting.

December 2019

Future of professional associations

Western jurisdictions met to discuss the future of professional nursing associations in the western provinces and what that could look like for nurses and CNA. In recent years, changes to healthcare legislation and policy in BC and Manitoba resulted in those province’s nursing regulatory bodies no longer being permitted to be a jurisdictional member of CNA. Similar situations are likely to occur in other western provinces in coming years, thus compelling a discussion on ideas for sustaining a professional nursing voice in western Canada.
ARNM presented our ‘lived experience’ and lessons learned in forming a voluntary professional association.

Loan from CRNM

The loan agreement with CRNM was reviewed by the finance committee to clarify that the loan is interest free. Repayment of $50,000 annually will start January 1, 2020. 

Board elections

The timeline was set for the board elections. Nominations will open on January 10, with ballots sent to members on February 24. New board directors will be announced prior to the April 8 AGM, with their terms starting in May.

January 2020


Adjustments presented in the draft 2020 budget included the addition of weekly office cleaning and the budget for a new website to align with potential membership expansion. The budget was approved as presented.

2020 – International Year of the Nurse and Midwife

The Association is developing a provincial steering committee to guide and provide opportunity to inform the Year of the Nurse plan which will be provincial and across all settings. We will be partnering with specialty nursing groups, education and midwives for events such as the Celebration of Excellence reception, which will be held during National Nursing Week. 
A request was submitted to the Minister of Health, Seniors and Active Living for proclamation to recognize the International Year of the Nurse and Midwife in Manitoba.

February 2020

Bylaw amendments

Bylaw amendments were put forward to facilitate the expansion of Association membership to include all regulated nurses in Manitoba. Parliamentarian, Vera Chernecki advised the board on the development of the proposed bylaw revisions, to be brought forward for approval by membership at the upcoming AGM. Legal advice will be sought once revisions are drafted.

CNA membership model strategy

CARNA’s chief operations officer drafted a Request for Proposals (RFP) to develop a business model(s) related to CNA’s membership model, focused on the western provinces. The board reviewed the summary of feedback that will be provided to CNA on the RFP.

Statement re. the St. Boniface Hospital nurses’ letter to CBC

The Association released a statement on social media saying we support nurses advocating for nurses and the health of Manitobans; and that the Association is working with partners – members, government and the RHA to help with immediate and sustainable solutions. The statement will be linked to the letter on our website.

March 2020

Auditor’s report

The Audit Final Report to the Finance Committee was brought to the board. Highlights include:

Loan payable – CRNM confirmed the loan provided to support the establishment of the Association is interest-free. It was recommended that the Association reach out to CRNM to prepare an amendment clearly confirming the loan is interest-free unless defaulted. 

Identified need to develop Capital Assets Policy – to determine threshold in recording a capital asset. Operations to provide draft policy for finance committee to make recommendation to board for approval.

The draft financial statements ending December 31, 2019 were approved.

Board nominations

Board elections were not required as both director vacancies were filled by acclamation. New directors to start their term May 2020:

  • Joyce Kristjansson
  • Michelle Queau

PD Day and Celebration of Excellence

The board supported the staff recommendation to postpone the April 8th professional development day and the May 12th Celebration of Excellence due to the developing COVID-19 pandemic. Registrants will be refunded the full fee. 

The board approved that the April 8th AGM will be held virtually.

May 2020

AGM evaluation

The AGM evaluation showed overall positive member feedback with 100% indicating they would encourage their colleagues to attend the next AGM. Directors provided positive feedback with thanks to staff for their efforts in organizing and facilitating the virtual event. The board agreed to continue with the virtual format to provide equity of access for rural and northern nurses.

Name change

The Association name changed to the Association of Regulated Nurses of Manitoba on May 1, 2020 to represent the expanded membership.

CNA board director

The Association president holds the Manitoba director position on CNA’s board. Her term will expire following the CNA AGM on June 22. The president-elect has been nominated for the role, which will be endorsed at the AGM.